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Your Reviewers

Your Reviewers



Two strangers united by their love of Colleen Hoover, Unofficial Book Club started as a couple of book lovers meeting for lunch to discuss their passion for reading.  After becoming fast friends, attending author signings quickly became a hobby we enjoy doing together.

As individuals, we understand that our five star read might not be anyone else’s and shy away from using a star rating to define a good book. Content, grammar, and an author’s writing style contribute more to the reading of a story than the name under which it’s published.

We will without a doubt judge a book by the cover if it’s that eye catching, even if we end up getting burned.

We strive to write a review that’s not a regurgitation of the story but to let a reader know WHY the story is important and even better HOW it will make you feel. Since reading is a very emotional journey, putting a label on what you’re getting yourself into is a priority for us; therefore each book has a special identifier to let you know before you begin to read what you’ll be getting out of the publication.

Unofficial Book Club is here to help you Find Your Story.


Meet Ashley.


    A lifelong reader, Ashley’s love of literature started early and she could most often be found in her youth with a book either in hand or within arm’s reach.  Her bookhoarding tendencies started with The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins, grew with Christopher Pike, and her collection has continued to expand with more recent favorites, including Colleen Hoover, Alison G. Bailey and Penelope Douglas.

   Reading is more than just a hobby for Ashley – it’s a passion and she enjoys sharing her thoughts and recommendations with the many book friends she has made over the past few years.  She has been known on more than one occasion to force her long-suffering, favorite co-worker to buddy read with her.  Being a wife and working mom of two teenage daughters doesn’t allow her to read as often as she’d like, but she tries to squeeze in as much extra reading time as she can.

   Ashley stumbled upon indie authors in the fall of 2013 after reading On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves and has found her reading niche in the indie community.  Her main interest is romance (new adult, contemporary, chick lit), but she also enjoys the classics (Jane Austen) with a solid mystery thrown in every now and again.  She loves taking chances on new authors and is unable to resist the lure of a student-teacher romance.

Want to reach Ashley? Drop her a note: ashley@ubcreads.com


Meet Beth.


Lover of all things literary, as a stay at home mom, she is lucky enough to have lots of time to read while doing laundry. When a book is great, she is best known for her literary binges and finishing it in one day. A self admitted dork, reading is her go to activity on a Friday night when The Golden Girls are not on TV. With a love of writing ingrained in her soul, it came naturally to her to enjoy writing reviews.

Favorite genres consist of: New Adult, College Romance, Friends to Lovers, Christian Lit, Supernatural, Paranormal with a special place on her bookshelves and in her heart for Young Adult. By no means is she afraid of a good cliff hanger but the author better bring it with the angst.

She will pick a self-published Indie author over a New York Best Seller any day.

Her favorite authors include everything from Bronte, Poe and Jane Austen to Colleen Hoover, Christopher Rice and Cassie Mae.

Want to reach Beth? Drop her a line or two: beth@ubcreads.com 

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  1. David Duffey
    June 1, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Great blog site ladies. Very professional. Glad you’re getting your write on Beth.

    • June 1, 2015 at 1:29 pm

      Thanks!! Can’t wait for the new Stephen King.. think you’ll read it?

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