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Amour Amour & Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Amour Amour & Infini by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Amour Amour

Thora and Nikolai. I fell in love with these two instantly. Not only them, but the entire circus clan. I love every single character, no matter how large or small their connection to the main characters was, it was poignant and felt necessary in order to bring the book full circle. But what I really want to know is what happens to Thora’s BFF Shay? I hope this means he gets his own book.

There are so many delicate and intricately woven story lines I want them all. Nikolai is a heart stopping man with all the right characteristics to make your heart pitter patter but just enough vice to make him seem real. The Ritchie’s write Thora as a strong female lead that’s easy to connect to on every level. She might just be one of my favorite female leads in a long, long time. I also love the way they intertwine their last series into this one as well. It gives the reader a since of familiarity that’s more engaging than just another novel but far enough removed to not be boring and predictable.


Favorite Quote:

“There are moments that do not belong to us. Lives that we can only see fragments of and as painful as it is to say goodbye to the whole picture, we’re not supposed to have it anymore.”


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Ohh Luka, I thought Nikolai was going to be my favorite Kotova but you snuck right in my heart and landed yourself in my life with a triple back flip off the wheel of death. These Ritchie women, man do they know how to write an engaging story. I wasn’t jealous that Luka couldn’t be mine but that he was Baylee’s because it was so well written, I just knew they belonged together. So I’m a little possessive about my book boyfriends but Luka comes to life on each page with his life like mannerisms. He has some serious demons that he’s trudging through and maybe not successfully but so much so you just can’t help but pull for him. He’s the glue that holds this family together. A peacemaker in every sense of the word. I fell hard for Luka and his cute kisses, backwards cap and pockets full of candy. The love these characters all have for each other jumps right off the page and not without their own issues to boot. The Ritchie sisters pen a life like story that leaves the reader craving to know more but satisfyingly full in all the best ways.


Favorite Quote:

“I’m the shadow to his ceaseless light.”

“I love him beyond recognition. Beyond Perception. I love him so fully that it hurts.”

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I don’t feel like anything that I write can really do these books justice. This series was just what I needed. Moving. Balanced. All encompassing. Original. All packaged up with lovely writing you’ll be hard up to put down. Going back to college doesn’t leave me a lot of extra time for leisure reading but I am stoked I sat down and made the commitment to both of these novels. Some of the best books I’ve read so far in 2017. It’s been days! Since I’ve read them and I can’t stop thinking about them and talking myself out of reading them again in lieu of homework. I hope there’s more Kotova on the way. Without a doubt, I will stop what I’m doing and devour every word.

Circus is family and I feel like I’ve become a part of it too.


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