Calm Like Home by Kaisa Clark


I really loved the heck out of this book. College romance novels as a whole are generally one of my fave genres but when you come across one that reads like Calm Like Home, it brings everything to a whole new level for me. The story and interaction between Alexa and Adam is definitely one not to be missed. With my feelings still a little iffy on if I love the ending or not, everything else about the book makes up for that little bit of uncertainty. Adam is definitely book boyfriend worthy and Alexa is the perfect blend of realistic but strong female heroine. The sexual tension and angst is right on track with what I love in a book and all of Adam’s little antics towards Alexa brings a closeness between the two that is jealous worthy. Reading Calm Like Home tickles the same feelings as falling in love. Kaisa depicts this process perfectly with the ups and downs Lex and Adam face.

Clark’s newest release left me wanting to know more about their relationship and I hope at some point she writes a sequel as I’m not sure I could ever get enough of them together.

This book has it all. Love. Angst. Heartbreak. Witty Banter and a talented author who brings it all together to leave the reader with an HEA read they’ll have a hard time setting down.



Fave Quote:

“I have found myself reflected in him a hundred different ways, fallen in love with him for a hundred different reasons, a hundred different times.”


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