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Cover Reveal: She Marches Through Fire by A.M. Manay

Cover Reveal: She Marches Through Fire by A.M. Manay

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November awakes to find a world that has changed more than she can comprehend.  The human government now knows of the existence of supernatural creatures, and the fatal betrayal at the end of Book 2 has left her deeply grieving.  A stubborn and painful injury threatens November’s life as it saps her strength and suppresses her psychic abilities.  Her old captor Luka has the sole power to heal her, and he is, of course, more than happy to use that fact to his advantage.

November struggles to cope with both her ill health and her profound grief as she embarks on a supernatural road trip with the vampire world’s most charming and dysfunctional family.  She and her companions seek two treasures: an antidote to the poison that is slowly killing her, and an ancient fairy weapon known as “the scepter.”  A prophesy indicates that November may have to wield this object’s great power, which always comes at a terrible cost.  When the U.S. military threatens the peaceful supernatural/human community known as Eden, and her brother William works to provoke a war with the human race, November must decide if she is willing to pay the scepter’s price.

Friend and stranger alike may be doomed, unless . . .

She Marches Through Fire.

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