Doing It For Love by Cassie Mae


In your opinion, what makes Landon book boyfriend worthy?



Landon is a winning combination of a guy who is not without his flaws (those socks!), but who more than makes up for those with his steadfast love for Liz and his strong desire to do right by her in every situation. He comes across as genuine, caring, and attentive without being sappy or a pushover and I think that’s a hard line to walk when writing a nice guy hero. Cassie definitely succeeded with Landon, though!




He’s such a typical boy. Going through life, imperfectly, but following his dreams and working hard to provide for them both. He doesn’t give up on Liz through any of their hardships and does it with such a cute sense of humor. He’s definitely the yin to her yang.


Who was your favorite character in DIFL? Why?


 I loved Liz. Her character just speaks to me on a really fundamental level. Even though it’s fun to read to escape from your day to day life, I think it’s very special when you come across a character with whom you can identify and who makes you feel a little less alone in your own journey.


 I have to agree. Liz is my favorite in DIFL! She’s funny and easy to connect with. Her thoughts are your thoughts. Her struggles are our struggles and it’s a very humbling experience. You don’t have to be jealous that she’s dating a billionaire or having an orgasm every 10 seconds. She’s the girl in all of us.

What’s your fave thing about Cassie Mae’s writing?



Cassie does a fantastic job mixing humor with emotion in her writing. She will have you laughing out loud at the beginning of the paragraph and then pull on your heartstrings so hard by the end of it. And, really, who else is going to give her main guy a last name like Wangford and still end up with her readers thinking, “Yeah, I could totally see myself being Mrs. Wangford!”?





She keeps it real. I can relate to all of her stories in some way. Which lets me know her writing comes from the heart. She tackles real issues we all face in everyday life and for me that causes an inner reflection I can’t get from just any book off my kindle.




 Is there anything that you would change about the book if you could?



I think the only thing I might have liked to have seen more of was Landon’s point of view. The epilogue definitely had me wanting additional scenes from his perspective. I feel that the story is strongest coming from Liz’s point of view, but I would not have complained if Landon’s POV had popped up a few more times during the story.






I think you’re right Ashley, there’s always room for more Landon. I think she nailed everything about the book. I can’t really put my finger on anything I would have liked to see written differently maybe just MORE of it.





 What was your favorite scene in DIFL? Why?




The one that sticks out the most to me is the wedding vow/ring exchange. The vows were sweet and funny (a prime example of what I love about Cassie’s writing as discussed above) and the emotional impact that Liz felt when remembering all of her and Landon’s “firsts” while putting the ring on his finger was absolutely touching and one of the emotional high points of the book for me.





I think the shower scene is my favorite. The love between Liz and Landon just shines through in their actions and emotional conversation. I love how easy and simple they are with other but their feelings aren’t anywhere close to those two adjectives.



Did Liz and Landon’s honeymoon destination bet resolve how you had anticipated it would?




Without being spoilery, I have to say that I had definite thoughts on how the bet would end and my expectation did not pan out. However, I can’t imagine a better or more fitting resolution to the bet than the one the characters were given – it was the perfect embodiment of their relationship as a whole!





It didn’t and I love that. But most importantly I love the way it DID end. I finished with a smile on my face and with the knowledge that the way things played out was exactly what I would want for Liz and Landon.



I really enjoy the authenticity of Cassie’s writing. Every time I read one of her books I feel like I step out of my personal life and right into her story. They just feel so incredibly real and her writing makes you absorb her characters into your life. I usually have a very physical reaction to a very fictional story. I adore that. I wish more authors had that talent.

I’m DYING to know about that necklace the main character Liz’s best friend Theresa is given during the story. It’s been months since I actually ARC’d this book but man! I can’t get it out of my head. I’m so looking forward to the story behind who gave it to her and what happened. Which leads me to another fave of Cassie’s writing habits. Side characters. I think she does a fantastic job of pulling side characters into the novel and creating such intimacy between main character, side characters and reader. Sometimes her side characters become one of my absolute favorite characters in the book and for me that’s such a writing talent.

I also love when an author coins a saying or an action in their work and it infuses itself into your reality. Every time I see or hear peas and carrots or think about squeezing a hand, I can’t help but think about Liz and Landon. Those little things that stay with a reader long after a story is over, is what makes reading worth the time investment.

Favorite Quote:

“That I didn’t just fall in love with him, but I CHOOSE to fall in love every day. “
“He tastes like paint and fun and laughter and forever.”



If you are an avid (or even just occasional) romance reader, you are familiar with the basic outline the vast majority of these stories will follow: boy meets girl, boy and girl start a relationship, boy and girl are presented with a potentially relationship-ending obstacle, boy and girl get their happy ever after. And then the story ends. Maybe you get an epilogue that flashes forward to a brief moment in time a few years down the road if you’re lucky. This always begs the question “What happens after the happy ending?”. I’ve heard it stated more than a few times that the plot stops there because stable relationships are boring, predictable and unlikely to hold readers’ interest. Who wants to read about a couple arguing over washing clothes when you can read about them having hot sex on top of the washing machine? Well, someone forgot to give Cassie Mae that memo because she has taken that belief and thrown it right out the window.

Doing It for Love perfectly captures the evolution of a relationship as it progresses into post-commitment territory where the dynamics aren’t quite as shiny or glamorous. Where the minutiae of daily living overtake spontaneity. Where the struggle isn’t to get together but to hold on tightly to the reasons to stay together. Liz and Landon’s story is so incredibly relatable and this is due in large part to the authenticity of Cassie Mae’s writing. Her characters are real. It thrills me to read about a heroine who gorges on chocolate and (gasp!) actually gains weight. It thrills me even more that the hero loves her regardless. Her storyline is real. She proves that concerns over money and job security and keeping romance alive can be just as tension filled and captivating as concerns over first impressions, first dates and first kisses. Her message is real. The book is generously sprinkled with scenes of such spot-on poignancy that hit straight to the heart of what it means to love after the luster wears off (I’m talking to you, spilled pasta scene where Landon just holds Liz in the midst of the macaroni).

A fresh perspective on romance, this is the kind of story to which I can relate 100%. This is the kind of story that I want to read. And this is a story that I will undoubtedly return to for a re-read when I need a reminder that my own happy ever after is a work in progress.

Favorite quote:

“And even though I tend to show my love rather than speak it, I let my mouth fly in response, saying things I always thought but never said, so that my 90% body language added with my 10% verbal is 100% telling him that he is the absolute most important person in my entire universe.”


Doing it For Love by Cassie Mae hits shelves on September 29, 2015.

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