Em & Em by Linda Budzinski

MMLabelMy favorite part about reading YA is that they usually have a point. Em & Em by Linda Budzinski is no exception to this rule. And she did an amazing job with teaching the reader that what you do in life and who you do it with, especially in today’s technological world, can follow you. And maybe not just in the physical sense but also through the emotional scars of the event.

Em & Em is a story about a girl who chooses to be a hero. She makes a decision to stand up for what is right no matter the cost and because of that she must leave behind everything she knows and retreats into the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, because she’s been mixed up with the wrong crowd, she falls victim to a crime scene and must take refuge in a small town, unlike where she’s actually from. Em learns a lot about life and how decisions made in the past have a way of affecting even your future.

I struggled a little bit in parts of the book with confusion. There were times because of the back and forth time line and name changes I became a little lost. And I could had definitely used a little more mystery or twist and turns to help keep me interested but overall Em & Em was definitely a book I would recommend to a younger reader.

I really loved the analogies Budzinski uses between her character Em and her hobby of photography. She did an excellent job relating those two.

This novel really does come with a feel good ending and has a great lesson we should all walk away with close to our heart.



Favorite Quote:

“That was the problem with overexposure. It washed everything out- the fine lines, the subtle shadows, the delicate textures. Only the dark parts stood out.”

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