Falling With Style by CM Foss

FWS Books revolving around what happens after the happy ending are rapidly become some of my favorites.  I’ve come up with a couple of reasons why I’m enjoying these types of plotlines so much:  1) I’m at that stage in my life where that’s what I relate to most.  2) There is so much personal growth to be had as characters enter the trenches of marriage.  And, in the case of Falling with Style, I will take advantage of any opportunity I can to experience just a little bit more of the story of some of my favorite fictional friends.

                Falling with Style was the perfect way to revisit Lawrence and Steph’s sweet but steamy romance.  Now the parents of 4 year old twins, as well as being business owners, they’ve reached the point where the honeymoon is over and work/life balance struggles have taken hold.  Deeply rooted in friendship and mutual admiration, their relationship is put to the test in a way that is completely relatable.  It’s not a matter of will they or won’t they make it; it’s a matter of how will they join forces to rein in life’s chaos and reach a happy medium again.

                They may be a little older and a little wiser, but they’re still the same characters I fell in love with in Swoon.  Lawrence still loves to talk about his feelings and Steph hasn’t lost her snark.  Yet, in working to adapt to the needs of the other, they both manage to evolve into more well-rounded versions of themselves.  As in her previous works, CM crosses over characters from her other books and these scenes were by far some of my favorite that she was written.  Her trademark humor and the way her couples have realistic, personal drama-free interactions that scream “relationship goals” is refreshing and just one of the reasons I will always return to her books time and again.


Favorite Quote:

“She would say I talked too much, but that’s only because I never ran out of words around her.”

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