Fly With Me by Chanel Cleeton

FWMWe’re all familiar with the old saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Unless you’re the badass fighter pilot and spunky clothing shop owner who strike up a fling during a weekend trip to Vegas in Chanel Cleeton’s Fly With Me. Then you take the adage, turn it on its head, and decide to see where your unexpected romance might lead after you head back to the real world. The lead characters had a serious case of insta-lust and there were times when I was a little concerned that they were venturing into insta-love territory, which, while not a total turn-off, is not my favorite. But there were enough curveballs thrown their way to prevent them from falling into that trap.
I particularly appreciate the fact that the roadblocks to Noah and Jordan’s relationship were largely circumstantial, rather than interpersonal, as that made the progression of their relationship feel more realistic despite it being on the quicker end of the spectrum. They were introspective and talked through their feelings like adults. It’s always refreshing to read romance where people actually act their age and don’t engage in playing games. Equally as enjoyable was the fact that Noah was exactly what I love in an alpha male – strong, possessive, protective – without also being portrayed as a domineering ass.

If you are looking for a military romance where the hero and heroine have chemistry in spades, you have definitely found the right book. Sparks flew from their first encounter and there was no cooling off from there. In fact, there was actually a bit of an overabundance of sexy times for me in the first half of the book and I would have liked to have seen more scenes with Noah and Jordan as a couple outside of the bedroom. Fortunately, the second half of the book switched focus, delivered on this wish, and was all the stronger and more emotionally impactful for it. Fly With Me was ultimately a satisfying mix of steam and heart and I am looking forward to continuing this series.


Favorite Quote:
“I love him just the right amount to make it hurt so much that I can’t walk away.”

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