Four Play by Amalie Silver


What you need to know before you read: 

Four Play is actually a prequel to Amalie Silver’s Word Play. It’s also a novella. Word Play starts off between two people who have reconnected after not seeing one another for years. Four Play is the interaction in the very beginning where they first meet at a conference. There are also three other novellas to accompany Four Play with its purchase. Four Play is the last one in the group.

Word Play is currently FREE on Amazon. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book, especially if you are a booknerd who attends signings and enjoys the art of well placed satire. Don’t let that scare you, even if you’re not a fan of satire, Silver’s writing style is so fluid, it’s a read you don’t want to miss. It was without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2014!



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Four Play came at just the perfect moment for me.  I have been glasses deep into ARCs and BETA and needed the comfort of a novella read to get me through my book binge. I love! a great novella and that’s exactly what Four Play is. One of my favorite things about a companion novella is that it brings back all the nostalgic feelings from reading the book it accompanies. It’s such a refreshing feeling, like a cold glass of sweet tea on a hot southern, summer day. Without a doubt, Amalie Silver’s satire rivals the brilliance of Shakespeare. I don’t think a lot of people read satire, but they should, especially if you’re one of those people who speak fluent sarcasm. The best thing about this novella is that is gives us an in depth look into the lives of both of the main characters in Word Play. Michael Rourke is a romance novelist who keeps it under wraps as much as he can because of the stigma that follows being a male romance writer. This entire read is just choked full of laugh out loud moments that are without a doubt relatable. Silver does an excellent job of making this story feel real and come off the pages. This novella turns into a book that any literary nerd whose attended a signing can latch onto to enjoy and appreciate. Even though the author is completely poking fun of the literary world, it still has swoon worthy moments and the fact that it’s so relatable makes it even more hysterical.  She expertly makes you forget you’re reading satire and hooks her reader with the fact that even though it’s a book about clichés her amazing writing skills remind us that sometimes clichés are funny and relevant because they’re true.

Don’t miss this read. Neither Word Play or Four Play. In fact, I suggest reading Word Play first and with a price tag of FREE (but only through today), who can turn that down? I love getting lost in Silver’s words and every time I pick up one of her works, that’s exactly what happens. I consistently look forward to what she has coming and can’t wait to get my hands on her next read.

Favorite Quote:

“It was a paradox at its best. Satricial, almost.”


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