Fury by Fisher Amelie


My absolute favorite books to read are the kind that make me a better individual. It’s important that every once in awhile my book shelf consists of paperbacks that have inspired me to not only think and feel, but that also humble me as well.

Fisher Amelie does just that with her 7 Deadly Series. It begins with Vain, continues with Greed and her current addition, Fury, quickly made its way to the top of my TBR after its release. I knew I was getting myself into an amazing read when I began to highlight on the very first page of the prologue.


With that being said, I have to be honest, this story started a little slow for me. I think I was making the mistake of expecting to have the instant connection like I did with Vain but that just didn’t seem to happen. I continued to read and it took me several days to really get through Fury but the subject matter, the anger, resonated pretty deeply with me. It seems like Fisher always writes the book I need to read at just the right moment and for that it easily earns the Transformative label.

Reading Fury is like witnessing a rainbow. Any part of a rainbow you get a glimpse of is beautiful in its own right but when you see it in its entirety, it’s just absolutely breath taking.  And this was Fury for me. I had to grow along with the main characters relationship. It was a gradual acceptance and understanding I don’t think would have resonated thesame way with me if it hadn’t been written that way. Her talent for writing shines through every page and her writing style continues to grip me in a way I have a difficult time finding elsewhere in the romance genre.

If you haven’t read Fisher Amelie’s Seven Deadly Series, it comes highly! recommended from me and if you have the time make sure to read them in order. The characters’ lives are intertwined from each story but you can probably get away with reading them as standalones. I highlighted a ton of things which were worthy of hanging on my wall and the best part about her books are that they always leave me feeling not only changed but with a happy heart. I appreciate these types of reads more than I can express in words and can’t wait to see what else this series has in store.

It’s only $1.99 right now and lending is enabled so you really don’t have a good excuse not to.


Fave Quote: “Besides, people will surprise you sometimes. All we need is for someone to shine by example. people inevitably gravitate towards the good when the good can’t be helped but to over shine the awful. It’s human nature…..”



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