Grayson’s Vow by Mia Sheridan

graysonslabel.jpg  I love the feeling I get right before I dive into one of Mia Sheridan’s novels.  It’s a butterfly-in-my-stomach feeling consisting of excitement and anticipation, knowing that I’m about to encounter a bit of literary magic.  Mia’s tales have a way of transporting me right into the book and allowing me to lose myself to the story.  Her writing never fails to evoke visceral reactions in me – my heart races, aches, soars and bursts as the plot unfolds before me – and it’s an experience that few authors can provide in such a profound manner.

Grayson’s Vow is the newest installment in the Sign of Love series and focuses on the sign of Libra, which is characterized by qualities of balance and harmony.  The story centers around Grayson and Kira, two strangers in desperate need of financial independence who marry in order to obtain access to money left to Kira by her grandmother.  It is understood that the marriage is in name only and will only last long enough to not raise suspicions.  Coming from painful pasts and carrying heavy emotional baggage, neither is looking to move their relationship beyond a business transaction.

However, as with any good love story, authentic feelings start to seep into the relationship and the two are left to muddle through the bond they are starting to form.  Polar opposites, Grayson is hardness to Kira’s softness, fire to her ice and cynicism to her hopefulness.   They frequently butt heads and these scenes were some of the most entertaining in the book with a very War of the Roses- type feel, complete with spot-on verbal bantering and smoldering sexual tension.  Heartfelt interactions balance out these hot-tempered episodes and are a showcase for one of Mia’s greatest talents as a writer – finding grace in the quietest of moments.

The novel is set up to play out like a fairytale with the “Dragon” and the “Witch” battling each other, outside adversaries, and their own warring emotions.  I have to say, though, that I didn’t feel an emotional connection to the main characters as strongly as I did to the ones in Archer’s Voice or Kyland.  Maybe it’s a bit unfair to compare this story with those as Archer’s Voice and Kyland both contained emotionally explosive, gut punching climaxes, which naturally lends itself to eliciting more intense reactions.  Here, Mia’s approach feels more understated and reflective, which is not a bad thing but just didn’t quite get me where I had hoped to be at the story’s end.  I feel as if I might have been more invested if there was a prologue covering their backstory directly rather than the characters relaying their pasts to each other throughout the course of the book.

Overall, it is a lovely addition to Mia’s Sign of Love series and another powerful testament to the healing and redemptive powers of love when combined with strength, faith, and courage.


Favorite Quote:

“Because I suddenly understood that sometimes it’s right to meet in the middle, but sometimes, the simplest act of grace is to meet the other person where they are.  That, that is love.”


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