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Guest Post: Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson

Guest Post: Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson


Hi everyone, I’m Alessia!  It’s no secret I love the male/male genre.  This may be uncharted territory for some people.  I have heard from many readers this genre “isn’t for them” or they are unsure about reading a romance between two male characters.  I totally understand people’s hesitation.  Just like fantasy and sci-fi isn’t my thing, m/m may not be for you.  I am here to shed a little light on this genre for anyone who is curious.

Opponents on the baseball field but best of friends off the field, Mason Atley and Sean Tucker have a close bond. It’s no secret to anyone that the two men have a special relationship. Mason plays for the Bulldogs and Sean is a pitcher for the Mavericks. As roommates during training camp, they soon became best friends; however, both men are hiding secrets from each other that soon reveal themselves. Mason is in the midst of a messy divorce and Sean’s life revolves around baseball and not much else.

Sean has the burden of carrying the secret that he is gay from his teammates and from his fans, but not from Mason.  Being an openly gay athlete is not on Sean’s agenda.  While most men on his team are married or have their slew of one night stands, Sean remains quiet about his personal life to anyone who asks.  Mason also has a secret. He is bisexual.  Both of them are also attracted to each other.  One fateful night, Sean and Mason reveal their feelings to each other.   Soon, Sean and Mason need to learn how to navigate their new relationship both personally and publicly.

This is a friends to lovers romance that I thoroughly enjoyed.  There are some very steamy moments; however, sex does not dominate the book which I appreciated.  Sloan Johnson did a great job building Mason and Sean’s relationship. They have the typical ups and downs of any couple with the added stress of their very public baseball careers. The secondary characters also play an important role in this story as well.  The book is going to be part of a series but does not end on a cliffhanger. Characters featured in this book will be in the next, which you get a glimpse of after the story’s end.  Overall, Wild Pitch was a sweet, tumultuous, love story that should be shared. If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone or you enjoy male/male already, this is an HEA that shouldn’t be missed.


Fave Quote:

“It won’t make you less of a man to admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.”



Alessia is an avid reader.

She enjoys romance, NA, contemporary, and some YA.

When she isn’t working she enjoys the company of good friends and listening to new music.

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  2 comments for “Guest Post: Wild Pitch by Sloan Johnson

  1. June 23, 2015 at 9:58 am

    To be honest I didn’t know there was such a wealth of male-male romances. Thanks for sharing!

    • June 23, 2015 at 10:04 am

      We’re so excited you stopped by to check out Alessia’s review! Thanks for taking the time. Glad we could help! 🙂

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