Guest Review: Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward

sinslabelPenelope Ward is one of my favorite authors. I had been awaiting the release of Sins of Sevin for months and Penelope did not disappoint. This forbidden romance starts off with a bang, literally and figuratively! Sevin lost his mother at birth. Five years later, his father married an ultra-religious woman. Sevin was pulled into a sheltered life of homeschooling, only being allowed to interact with other strict Christian families. However, Sevin was always the rebel. While pretending to conform, Sevin always found a way to defy the rules. After tragedy strikes, Sevin is presented with an opportunity that will change his life forever. Sevin is determined to become a better man even if it means sacrificing his own happiness in the process.


This story takes us on the roller coaster journey of Sevin and Evangaline. If you thought Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers, Sevin and Evangaline give them a run for their money. I am not one for rehashing entire plotlines because it’s just not my style. I feel it’s important to let the reader find out what they are about to experience. So here is what I will say. READ THIS BOOK. It has angst, it has love, it has heartbreak, and most importantly it has redemption. It’s a story about two broken souls looking to redeem their sins. The road they take to find peace with their sins is a not an easy one. Both characters made huge sacrifices in their lives in order to protect someone else from get hurt. Were they the right choices? Maybe not. But, they were choices that had to be made even if they ended up doing irreparable damage.
The plot went in places I didn’t think it would go. And what was refreshing to me was that it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Sevin and Evangaline go through hell and back and eventually find their HEA. But the truth is, in my heart I don’t know if they really did find one. And that is why I love this book so much. Doesn’t make sense does it? Well let me explain. I enjoy books which have endings that are left open to interpretation. No, this is not a cliffhanger. But to me, the author could have wrapped things up in a happy little package and she chose not to. Yes, it does have a HEA. However, it wasn’t your typical “everything ends up perfect” type of ending. I definitely hope that Penelope follows this book with another novel or at least a novella. I feel like Sevin and Evangaline’s story isn’t quite over yet.
Penelope Ward has definitely won my heart with this book. She doesn’t take the easy way out with this story. Be prepared to have your heart put through the wringer. Sins of Sevin is emotional, heartbreaking, and ultimately healing.


Favorite Quote:

“You can’t choose love. It chooses you, and once that happens, it doesn’t let go.”


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