Last Call by Staci Hart

stacihartEvery once in awhile you come across an author that writes so well you just want to be best friends with her. Staci Hart is that writer for me. Her characters come alive off her pages and I feel immersed in their world. It is the best feeling when reading a book. An addiction I am all too happy to indulge.

Last Call has the best of all emotion. One minute I’m mad they’re mad and that they’ve put themselves in these situations. Next, I’m agreeing with the ridiculous justifications they’re making. I’m happy for that little slice of heaven, then hurt they made that stupid mistake again! WHY ARENT THEY TAKING MY FEELINGS INTO CONSIDERSATION? HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME AGAIN? Why aren’t they thinking about us who are invested in their relationship as well?

Oh wait, it’s just a book.

It’s anything but just a book. It’s a journey. A path you take with friends and emotionally participate in while the growth of these characters who have become family happens right before your eyes. Who are written so well, they make me feel like a part of their adventure.

Rose and Patrick, better known as Tricky, which is a brilliant play on his name to say the least and I’m a little pissed I didn’t come up with it myself, are such well penned characters I get lost in every detail of their story.

 And Why. WHY CAN’T WASTED WORDS BE A REAL PLACE? Move over Barnes and Nobles!

Hart has captivated my literary attention with every book she’s written in the Bad Habits series. When I read the first book, With a Twist, I learned about ballet. She taught me all kinds of new things about the ballet world and I thrive on new knowledge. Then when she followed up with Chaser, she gave us the forbidden love story that was written just as brilliantly. I’m usually three and out when it comes to a series, but without a doubt I would read every word that showed up in this series no matter what. I am in love with every single one of her characters in these three books and it has been a pleasure to choose spending my time fictionally enthralled in their lives.

I’m not one of those crazy signed book hoarding ladies, but these books I want sitting pretty in paperback on my bookshelf.

This series, those words, that author; is why I read.


Favorite Quote:


“Cheers to the end, because every story that ends begins another. Cheers to beginnings, that they may be full of hope and love. And cheers to you, my friends, for being part of ours.”

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