Love So Hot by Marquita Valentine

lovesohotlabelOne of my favorite storylines within the romance genre is that of friends to lovers.  There is just something so rewarding about witnessing two characters taking a relationship-changing journey and getting their happy ending with the person for whom they have long held deep feelings.  Love So Hot by Marquita Valentine is the story of Brody and Sydney, a pair in their late twenties who have been best friends since high school.  Aided by Brody’s ex-girlfriend, Sydney embarks on a mission to secretly seduce him in an attempt to reveal her true feelings that she has kept hidden for many years.  Unbeknownst to her, Brody has been harboring romantic affections of his own and the duo has a string of hits and misses as they struggle with the changing dynamic of their friendship.

The plot of Love So Hot was relatively formulaic and I felt like I knew fairly soon after I started the book what path the story would take.   When I have encountered similar situations in the past, it’s been hard for me to stay invested because I like to be kept on my toes.  I think this would have been my reaction to this book as well had I not listened to the audiobook version.  Narrators can make or break an audiobook and Piper Goodeve did a fantastic job with this one.  She was adept at switching between the characters without causing confusion as to who was speaking and her narration was infused with emotion, bringing the story to life in a way I don’t think I would have experienced if I had just sat down and read the book myself.  While there were no big surprises and a few moments where I had to suspend disbelief over certain plot points, Love So Hot was an entertaining read that was light on angst, had just the right amount of steam, and was full of heart.




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