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On Broken Wings by Chanel Cleeton

On Broken Wings by Chanel Cleeton

I have been on pins and needles for Easy and Dani’s love story since the foundation was laid in Fly With Me, the first novel in Chanel Cleeton’s Wild Aces series.  In that book, as well as the second, Into the Blue, Chanel gave her readers a teasing trail of breadcrumbs toward an angsty tale of heartbreak and unrequited love.  I knew their story was going to be painful, knew it would tug on my heartstrings a little harder than the others; but I waited all the same in eager anticipation for the emotional fallout I knew was awaiting me.  And as much as On Broken Wings ripped me open and left my feelings to spill all over the place, it also stitched me back together in the most uplifting of ways when all had been said and done.

On Broken Wings is truly the standout for me among the Wild Aces novels.  The first two books were steamy, sexy, and romantic; however, On Broken Wings has an added layer of depth that sets it above the rest.  Love is messy even on a good day.  Add in grieving the loss of a spouse and friend and dealing with the heartache that comes from loving someone you really aren’t in a position to love and terrain that is already rocky becomes an emotional minefield.  The deft exploration of all of Easy and Dani’s conflicting emotions was incredibly poignant and had me rooting harder with every turn of the page for these two to somehow find their way to each other.

One of the pleasures of reading for me is being able to fall in love with the characters and it’s not hard to adore Easy’s devotion, steadfastness, and passion or Dani’s strength, fortitude and resilience.  As the series concludes, I find myself reflecting on how l will miss not only these two, but also the other Wild Aces and the ladies who love them.  Without a doubt, I’ll be returning to these emotionally satisfying books for re-reads down the road and I’m already looking forward to reconnecting with old friends.


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