Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson


Playing for Keeps wasn’t one of those reads that was full of quotes I wanted to plaster on my wall but that didn’t take away from me wanting to recommend this book. It was super cute and I found the main hero Jason to be not just deliciously manly but his banter takes the publication to a whole new and fun level to invest in. Haley and Jason’s back and forth are hilarious and creates a nice flow of angst even from the very beginning. Mathewson does a great job with a solid read that shows the dynamic of two characters falling for each other in all the right ways instead of all the unrealistic lusty ones you find in most books today. It’s not an easy book about two folks who just want to lust for one another, she has built concrete characters with back stories which perfectly explain not only individual baggage but how their reservations about being in a relationship effect them as a couple.

I loved the slow build up of the story and how the intimacy between the characters grows in unsuspecting ways which leaves the reader with a swarm of unquestionable butterflies.

The best part of this awesome novel is that for right now it’s FREE on Amazon. I picked it up with intentions of letting it sit on my TBR for when I’ve finished everything I WANT to read. I opened it up to just get a feel for what I was going to be getting myself into and got sucked between the storyline rather quickly and didn’t intend on not being able to put it down. But that’s exactly what happened. Playing for Keeps was a little bit of a quick read that didn’t leave me wanting for more like a cliff hanger as the Epilogue fully satisfied my thirst for what was next for Haley and Jason.

A book I would definitely recommend you not only add to your TBR but actually read.




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