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Progress by Amalie Silver

Progress by Amalie Silver


Amalie Silver is one of those writers who has less than 150 people in her reader group and as glad as I am that I get to be a part of such a small group where there’s lots of author interaction, she should have thousands lined up to be included because her work is THAT GOOD. She doesn’t write typical romance, and that’s such a welcomed difference to me at this point in today’s romance genre. Her words mean something, say something, point something out. They make a difference. And I love that in a book.

Progress is unlike most things you will set your eyes on today. It’s not a traditional HEA and touches on subject matters most people not only don’t want to tackle but probably would struggle with effectively writing. She has a finesse within the pages of her publications that grab her reader’s attention to a subject and make them realize all the difficulties of what that character is struggling with, without even realizing the change that’s being made within their own thought process. Plenty of authors have recently tackled the mental health issue so many people face today in their writing adventure but none that I have read have been as successful as Silver’s newest release. As a plus sized woman, this read hit even closer to home as the female lead, Charlie, has a life long struggle with being overweight and the criticism she must face dealing with this fact is something every overweight, maybe that should be struck to say every INSECURE woman has ever faced.

My favorite part of this read is the ending. It’s real. It’s ugly. It’s poignant. I went to bed reading it and woke up thinking about it and it’s one of those novels that will continue to stick with me over time and I value that from a writer. Charlie and Jesse have such a toxic relationship but the way this storyline is written leaves you with a sense of understanding the good that comes from seeing two people struggle independently to piece themselves together enough to be worthy of a love they are suffering to find. The first part of the book read a little slow for me, but once I moved into the male POV, I began to really comprehend what exactly it was Silver’s writing was trying to convey.

Amalie Silver’s books are those I want to physically hit people in the gut with and say READ THIS! READ IT! Progress leaves the reader with a bit of a cliff hanger that maybe some people would be upset about but I found to be perfection. It’s conclusion leaves open the story for the next installment there is to come and I look forward to reading more about the growth these characters will continue to face in their upcoming real life struggles. If you’re a thinker and look for more out of your books than cheap thrills and easy plots, pick up Progress and enjoy the emotional ride.


Favorite Quote:

“Innocence is a slave to unconditional love. It’s the fairy tales of childhood. And it’s what disappointment is made of.”


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  1. Amalie
    January 15, 2016 at 10:47 am

    A beautiful review. Thank you, Beth. xo

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