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Swoon by CM Foss

Swoon by CM Foss


I was first introduced to C.M. Foss late last year when I won an ARC of her first book, Shiver, a story about a horse trainer named Lissa and her former roommate turned current flame, Ethan.  I’m not sure I would have given the book a chance if I hadn’t won it; however, as I started to get into the story, I quickly found her writing to be a refreshing change of pace from the romance books I typically read.  She was quirky and sarcastic and created an engaging, if somewhat outside the box, storyline.  Her characters were well-developed and I was thrilled to learn that we would be getting more of Steph, Lissa’s BFF, and Lawrence, Ethan’s business associate, in Swoon.

Swoon did not disappoint and certainly lived up to its title and then some. You don’t need to have read Shiver prior to diving into Swoon as all of the highpoints of Lawrence and Steph’s relationship in Shiver are hit upon in Swoon.  The lovers’ history spans several years and the timeline progression of the story flowed well in terms of moving the plot along without feeling like there were huge gaps of missed time and events. Instead of relying upon flashbacks to set up Lawrence and Steph’s pasts, C.M. effectively used present day scenes to highlight how their pasts and family dynamics shaped their feelings about and approaches to being in a relationship.

Lawrence absolutely encompasses all of my favorite traits in a lead male character.  He is strong without being overbearing and a smartass without being a jerk.  He knows how to push Steph out of her comfort zone without leaving her feeling stranded and he always accepts her for who she is without trying to change her.  Steph definitely got a bit frustrating while I waited for her to have her “lightbulb” moment, but I feel that if she hadn’t taken the time she needed to feel comfortable about her feelings for Lawrence, the relationship would have been set up for eventual failure. It was wasted time that, at second glance, maybe wasn’t quite so wasted after all.

One thing that I really enjoy about reading (and which is not always easy to find) is witty banter between the characters and Swoon has this in spades.  C.M. has a definite gift for humorous dialogue and I got plenty of belly laughs as Lawry and Steph traded quips back and forth.  I would have loved the added bonus of a scene with Lawrence and his brother in the prologue as their relationship was instrumental in shaping and defining Lawrence’s character.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and C.M. will give us an outtake scene with the two of them one day.  Overall, Swoon was a great blend of sass, steam, snark and sweet that packed a double punch of hitting me in both the feels and the funny bone.


Fave Quote:

“And you?  You’re ready to take a chance on her?”

“Not on her.  With her.”


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