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The True Story of Atticus and Hazel by Fisher Amelie

The True Story of Atticus and Hazel by Fisher Amelie

atticushazeleditHazel uses brush strokes to release her pain.
Atticus uses beats to produce his passion.
Art collides.

Fisher Amelie, she uses 26 letters to choreograph a masterpiece so poignant from the first arrangement, I was unable to put it down. There is something so special about an author who can take you on a journey that breaks your heart when reading about people you don’t even know then heals the brokenness with a story that will remain timeless. This is a story for anyone who has ever loved, lost, and didn’t know where to begin to grieve. A roller coaster ride without the waiting in line.

I have a special place in my heart for books that contain aspects of the music industry. Growing up, I was immersed at a fairly early age into the “rock and roll” world when the band a close family member was a part of signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Life was a whirlwind for them and I got to stand on the outskirts and enjoy the breeze. We traveled when they were close by to see them play live and hung out on the tour bus departing with hugs and kisses as they pulled out of Kroger parking lot to tour the world. There really isn’t a feeling in the world like hanging that laminated pass around your neck. She reminded me of youth and that time I dated a DJ, standing in the booth while deep beats vibrated harder than your heartbeat. Amelie took me back to those days, those adventures, the highs of the entertainment industries and the lows of what it has the ability to tear apart. She captured it brilliantly within the pages of a book. For me, there’s nothing better than reading a passage that transcends time and gives you the opportunity to re-live all those moments over and over again. Whether happy or sad, they were moments in life to be cherished and remembered. We get to live through all of them with Atticus and Hazel. And what an experience it is. Life-like and raw. The True Story of Atticus and Hazel was a literary binge at its finest. I picked it up the morning it was released and finished it the same night. I almost stayed home from class just to get through it and it was pure agony to set it down.  It was so moving I had to step in from my blogging hiatus to express to the world that YOU SHOULD WITHOUT A DOUBT READ THIS BOOK. She doesn’t distract you with fancy words or twists and turns, she doesn’t have to write elaborate love scenes to distract from lack of plot. She stuns with the simplicity yet complexity of a story you didn’t know could balance the way it ends so perfectly. She was born to write.

I’ve never regretted reading a Fisher Amelie book. I feel confident in saying that I never will. Her writing is a true talent. An art form that I feel has been lost in a saturated market. I always step away from one of her books with a new view. Like the feeling of experiencing a seventh wonder of the world for the first time. I feel good and whole. Her words fill a void and are worth every moment of the heartbreak it takes to get there. Like falling in love for the first time, followed by the devastation of the break up but growing up enough to understand the positive significance that relationship had on creating who you are today.

Don’t miss Hazel and Atticus’s story. Don’t miss anything Amelie writes. It’s all literary brilliance.


Favorite Quote:

He brought me closer to him, wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and held me tightly against him.

“Give in to it. Let it spill all over me and I’ll weather it for you.”



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