Things Liars Fake by Sara Ney

liarsfakelabelI read the first novella in Sara’s #ThreeLittleLies series at the end of last year after finishing quite a few books in a row that were very heavy on the angst.  Still craving warm fuzzies, but needing a breather from the drama, I crossed my fingers and started Things Liars Say.  It turned out to be exactly what I needed – a funny, well-paced, feel-good romance.   I followed that with a few more angsty novels and, wondering if lighting would strike twice, I picked up Things Liars Hide and found that, yes, it can. Needless to say, I was very excited for the release of Things Liars Fake, which ended up being a strong close to the series and my favorite out of the three.

So many recent releases have been all about the alpha male and while I have been known to enjoy a highly assertive gentleman, I feel like beta males are highly underrated.  Some of my favorite books are ones where the heroes are on the sweeter, more sensitive side and I was thrilled to find that Dexter falls into this category.  The development of his relationship with Daphne had chemistry in abundance and I loved watching their smoldering burn transform into a blazing inferno.  Relationship dynamics where the guy is a bit less confident than the girl tend to have incredibly satisfying payoffs and Daphne and Dex’s romance was no exception.

Secondary characters don’t always get a chance to shine in novellas, but Dexter’s twin sisters absolutely stole the show in the scenes in which they appeared.  Taking it upon themselves to play Cupid for their big brother, their antics were hysterical and they are some of the most fun I have read in a while.  The epilogue had me laughing and swooning in equal measure and, although the plotline wrapped up very nicely, I found myself greedily wishing that their story would continue because I was left wanting more in the best way – more bowties, more glasses, more nerdy sex talk, maybe with a wedding and a few glasses-wearing, light saber-wielding babies thrown into the mix for good measure.  #ThingsThisReaderWishesFor





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