Things Liars Say by Sara Ney

liarssaylabelDecember is always such a crazy month in my household.  With holiday preparations, work, and school functions for my girls, it seems that free time, energy, and attention span are at an all-time low.  With that in mind, I went in search of my most recent read knowing that what I really needed was a novella that would be heavy on humor and happy feels.  I ended up finding that, and quite a bit more, in Things Liars Say, the first book in Sara Ney’s #ThreeLittleLies series.

The liar at issue is Greyson, a college student, who invents a boyfriend after feeling pressured by her friends to have someone to bring to an upcoming sorority gala.  As an unlucky twist of fate would have it, Cal the pretend boyfriend isn’t really so pretend after all.  He’s a college student in a neighboring town and, after catching wind of the scheme, decides to track Grey down to get to the bottom of the ruse.  After sorting out the misunderstanding, the two stay in touch and what initially was a fake relationship begins to blossom into something much more real.

In Things Liars Say, Sara perfectly captured that New Adult feel of college kids falling in love.  The flirty banter, the anticipation, and the swirling emotions were present in spades and caused me to have a gigantic smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach as I read.  I loved the authenticity of the leads as well.  Grey and Cal both acknowledged that while the other may not be the ideal of beauty, they were beautiful to them and that’s what mattered.  I crave characters I can relate to in the books I read and these two are nothing if not relatable.  Bonus points for having Cal be the less confident one in the relationship.  For me, this just made him that much more desirable and endearing.

The use of varied methods of communication between the characters (text messaging, Twitter, etc.) was also creatively incorporated into the novella.  Not only does this accurately reflect how kids that age interact, it breathes fresh air into the plot line by breaking up the monotony of straight narration and dialogue.  Things Liars Say was an all-around delightful story and I look forward to a break in my busy December schedule to get started on the next installment in the series.


Favorite Quote:

“Our mouths meet then, and we burn for each other.  Burn.  With each kiss and every touch, we worship as only two people who’ve just declared their love for each other can – with passion and restraint and tenderness.”



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