UBC Raodtrips to UtopYA 2015


One of our favorite things to do besides unofficial book club lunch is taking a good ole fashion road trip to book signings.

So nerdy, we know.

And I know a ton of people think that and maybe that is true but don’t we all #nerdout on something?

Ours just happens to be books.

I asked Ashley what she wanted me to add in about UtopYA for her and her response, “It was fun.”

We’ll let Ashley stick to reviewing books until she ups her creative writing game. 😉bethashley


Most people have no idea what UtopYA is really all about because the YA genre isn’t super popular within the age group we’re in but YA isn’t the only focus UtopYA has. Just in case some of y’all are unfamiliar what YA stands for… it’s Young Adult. Which is pretty much generally defined as characters in middle to high school and usually geared toward that reading audience. Although YA is the main genre UtopYA has focused on in the past, we came across all kinds of new to us authors and genres to spice up our reading shelf. Many of the authors there do not pigeon hole themselves into only the YA community; they also write contemporary romance, erotica and new adult romance.

We even had a very lovely author/librarian explain exactly what the differences between different genre meanings. It allowed us to really understand the true meaning behind supernatural and paranormal and also helped us figure out this whole urban fantasy craze that seems to be a consist topic in the YA world.


We had a blast meeting some of our absolute faves!

Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros has been one of our favorite reads of 2015 so far and we got to stand in the space of her greatness.


We got to hug Kim Holden, the woman who taught us to Do Epic.


Beth FINALLY got to meet Caylie Marcoe who she absolutely adores! 


We even spent a little time talking digital autographs with the always beautiful and talented Rebecca Donovan


We met NYTBS Denise Grover Swank who wrote Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes and was also the keynote speaker for the event:  

28 speaker

We scored a ton of swag

swag Continued a UBC tradition


Received several signed copies of books for giveaways


And found some new authors to not only feature on Freebie Friday but to read and review!


We even received complimentary goo-goo clusters thanks

to the fact that they were sponsors of the event.


Meeting new friends and finally connecting in person with online book buddies is always a highlight of any book signing


UtopYA is actually a 5 day event with tons of panels consisting of topics like how to be a beta reader, writing advice, global marketing, hot to guide for newbies and introverts, writing through depression, expanding your empire in audiobooks and international deals and just book world info in general. Unfortunately, our schedule didn’t allow for us to attend workshops and award ceremonies; but we did make the Saturday signing which consisted of two sessions that were both free. It took us the entire time to meet and greet; there were so many authors lined up in sequence from A to Z.

UBC was lucky enough to get the chance to see everything in the literary world from plus sized loving shape shifters to an awesome free monthly comic book geared toward kids .

It’s always exciting to roundtrip with your book bestie because we get hours to chat books and more importantly book boyfriends.

Literary people are notorious for being introverted and one of my favorite things about attending signings is that you get to see so many of them escape from their shell. it’s a beautiful thing to experience. So not only are the authors the highlight of the trip but also the experiences we get to add to life as well.

Book signings enrich our lives in ways other stuff fails to do. Book nerds are our own breed and I’m happy to say it’s a community I’m so proud to be a part of.


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