Addicted/Calloway Sisters Series by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Addicted to You (first book in Addicted Series)

Kiss the Sky (first book in Calloway Sisters Series)

I have had the Addicted and Calloway Sisters series sitting on my TBR for ages and decided that this would be the year I would tackle them.  After I was finished, I wanted to kick myself for having waited so long!  These books are nothing short of fantastic and had my full emotional investment from beginning to end.  The characters are flawed yet completely relatable.  The dialogue, teeming with wit and feelings, is some of the best I have ever read.  The storylines are fresh and well-paced.  It’s rare to have a series where every lead character is my favorite, but that’s exactly what happened here.  I feel like not nearly enough of my book friends have given these series a shot, so I urge all of you to SKIP THE TBR AND READ THESE RIGHT NOW!


Flight and Glory Series by Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is my favorite new-to-me author discovery for this year.  Her Flight and Glory series is a prime example of why writing what you know works so well.  The angst and emotion contained within her top-notch storytelling are palpable to the point that I really and truly “feel” these books when I read them.  Beth and I have spent many a book lunch discussing our mutual love of Rebecca and her stories and, though I’m sad to see this MILITARY ROMANCE series come to an end with the January release of Hallowed Ground, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2016!

Sweet by Tammara Webber

I’m not sure that Tammara could have come up with a better title for this lovely FRIENDS TO LOVERS story.  As much of a fan as I am of her previous works, Sweet is by far my favorite of hers.  New adult at its finest, this novel has characters richly rooted in history and facing authentic obstacles in their journey to becoming a couple.  The reconciliation of Pearl and Boyce’s surface disparities with their underlying emotional connection provided an extremely satisfying reading experience.  As always, Tammara’s writing is full of understated beauty.  I highly recommend the audiobook version of this book.  It is probably the cutest narration I have heard to date.

Doing It for Love by Cassie Mae

In Doing It for Love, Cassie Mae puts a fresh spin on contemporary romance and tackles the subject of what happens in a relationship after the happy ending.  As someone who is married with children, I loved reading about dynamics and struggles that were applicable to my own life.  Filled with moments of tender poignancy and true to life humor, this book left me with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.  This book seems to have flown a bit under the radar and it’s one I would definitely recommend that you SKIP THE TBR AND READ RIGHT NOW!


City Beautiful by CM Foss

City Beautiful is my favorite standalone contemporary romance from this year.  There aren’t many books that I consistently find myself thinking about long after I have finished reading them, but City Beautiful has a proud place among them.  Ivy and Patrick’s story is pure book magic packaged in a novel that, for lack of a more eloquent word, was unputdownable.  CM consistently provides the perfect blend of swoon and sass with humor and heart and I trust her implicitly to take me on a journey that may be bumpy along the way but will always come full circle.  If you’re in the mood for a FEEL GOOD read, look no further than City Beautiful!


Kyland by Mia Sheridan

Every once in a while a book comes along that not only changes my outlook on life but also my outlook on myself and that is a testament to the TRANSFORMATIVE power of Mia Sheridan’s writing.  The emotions Mia infuses into her stories pour out in ways that seem almost tangible. Desperation curls and claws around the corners of the pages. Rivers of heartache intersect in chapters with streams of sacrifice. And love quietly winds its way around each and every word.  I strongly believe there is no way you can read this novel and, if not come out a better person, at least come out with the hopes of turning yourself into a better person.

The Law of Moses and The Song of David by Amy Harmon

Although these are not technically a series, I listened to them back to back in audiobook and just can’t bring myself to separate one from the other.  It’s clear to anyone who has read Amy Harmon how special her novels are.  It’s difficult to even find words that begin to do them justice.  These books are poetry, art, faith, prayer and love weaved together to form TRANSFORMATIVE stories that will forever be a cherished part of my literary landscape.  It’s as simple and as complicated as that.





Full Measures: Flight and Glory Series Book 1  by Rebecca Yarros

I have so many good things to say about The Flight and Glory series and Rebecca Yarros, I don’t know where to begin. I love every word she has ever written and will continue to be a hardcore fangirl until the day I die. Joshua Walker took top spot in my Fictional Boyfriend category actually beating out Will Cooper, which I never thought I’d ever, ever see. Full of tears and life lessons, Yarros’ first novel brings all the feels that makes a great novel a LITERARY BINGE. Meeting her in Nashville at UtopYA was one of 2015’s highlights and I can’t wait to do it all again.


Bait: The Wake Series Book 1 by M. Mabie

After reading Bait, I was pretty angry at the whole reading community for not pushing this one in my face and saying SKIP THE TBR AND READ THIS RIGHT NOW! After finishing this first book in The Wake Series, I immediately picked up the next two. I loved all the banter and heat this book had to offer and would choose to hang out with “Betty and Lou” if given the chance.


Fury: Seven Deadly Sins Series Standalone Book 3 by Fisher Amelie

This entire series has been one of the greatest ones I have ever read. What Amelie does between pages of her books are not only TRANSFORMATIVE but informative. I love a book where I can learn about life and myself all within its page. Fury does just that.

The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram

Kelly Oram is that author I’ve been watching all my other friends read for years. I finally picked this one up during a 99cents sale and she quickly went to one of those WHY HAVENT I READ HER STUFF BEFORE NOW authors I’ve come to love. Geeky and Sweet, this book will be a CUPCAKE read to remember.

The Deal: Off Campus Book 1 by Elle Kennedy

The Deal came at just the right time in my reading adventures. The witty banter and friends to lover story line caught me from the beginning. My first Elle Kennedy, but it won’t be my last. ATHLETE reads are an over done genre but this is one to definitely pick up!


 Rook & Ronin: A Day in the Life of the HEA by JA Huss

My 2015 ended with a reading BANG! I was so engrossed in the Rook and Ronin series a couple of years ago they still stick with me to this very day. Their HEA follows all members of this series into 15 years later where life and kids get in the way. Huss does an amazing job giving her dedicated R&R lovers an ending to remember. I highly recommend all books in this series! A favorite BABYMAKER, Huss’ erotica never fails to be full of substance and heat.


Happy 2016 from Unofficial Book Club!

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