What UBC Is Really All About

Two girls united together in the literary world by their love of reading Colleen Hoover, started an instant friendship between them, and ¬†we are constantly found with our noses stuck in a book. We enjoy the reader blogging community so much we felt the need to be a part of it ourselves. We’re looking forward to bringing a simplified version of what and why you should select what to read next. Our goal isn’t to bring to you a retelling of the book we’re recommending but to express quickly and in as few words as possible a) what type of book it is b) where you can buy it c) what type of writing style you’re about to begin and with an honest opinion. We’re all busy people and we believe a simplified version is best to get you off the internet and into the next pages of your next great read. We tend to shy away from star rating because we recognize that what we consider a five star book might only be a three star read for you and want to leave this decision in the hands of the reader. We want to be an informative website people can reach out to in order to see where they should start or continue their literary journey. Our genre ranges from YA to Paranormal to Christian to good ole contemporary romance. We hope to encompass a wide variety of reads to not only push our limits but to help you push yours and hope that we can bring a fresh face to the blogging community to add some positivity to this otherwise sometimes negative world.

We love meeting new authors and try to attend author signings several times a year. We look forward to sharing these adventures with you and hope that you’ll embark on this journey with us and have a little patience as we learn our way through. We welcome all feedback and hope that you’ll take the time to drop us a letter of encouragement or what you think WE should read and review next. Want to dip your toes into the blogging world? We welcome guest bloggers as we know that this literary world doesn’t just belong to us, it belongs to the entire reading community.

We know we wouldn’t be who we are without readers and authors; therefore, we value and respect everyone’s opinion and hope that you can do the same and we can’t wait to get started. Check out our different pages at the top of the website where you can read a little more about us as individuals, find out how to contact us, join us on Facebook, or find your way through all the news in our community by staying connected with The Literary Loop.



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